Ashland 1972

Ashland was a very active participant in the Aroostook Oral History Project of 1972.  The following tapes were made:

Ashland Churches – The Advent Christian Church, the Catholic Church and the Congregational Church are covered.

Old Time Music with the Beaulieu-Michaud-Rafford Trio

Benton Craig discusses potato storage and shipping.

Climena Sylvester tells about the Ashland Grange.

Elizabeth Rafford describes teaching in a one room school

Fred Coffin tells about the first library and the first train to Ashland.

George Sawyer describes driving a wagon from Knowles Corner to Oxbow, the Jim Cullin lynching and the California Road.

George Young describes early Ashland.

Georgie Brooks Orcutt tells about the first telephone company.

Gussie Beaulieu describes the Sheridan Mills and Hotel along with log drives

Ira McNally tells many tales about lumber camps and guiding.

Joe Theriault describes Sheridan mills, livery stables and other businesses.

Katherine Coffin tells about growing up in Ashland.

Lyle Gardner describes driving a tote wagon to lumber camps and other stories.

Ora Daggett tells about Lombard log haulers.