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Mapleton High School




I hope you enjoy the history of high school basketball in Mapleton. The reason I began my research is that many people today do not even know that Mapleton had a high school since the consolidated with Presque Isle beginning with the 1963-64 school year. ​​ In the early years you will notice that there may not have been a team then in other years there was a team but they just played in Winter Carnivals. Mapleton High School was destroyed by fire approximately 1955, from that point on they attended school with the creation of split sessions. ​​ During those last eight years they practiced and played their games in the Presque Isle Armory and one year at the Cunningham Jr. High gym. Bob Johnston began coaching the “Bobcats” during the 1946-47 season​​ , he coached for 17 years the last nine years Jerry Desmond was his assistant coach.




In November of 1921 Mapleton had try-outs in the grange hall with Franklin S. Cunningham the principal acting as coach. ​​ The school joined with Washburn, Ashland and Fort Kent to form the Western Aroostook League. ​​ Mapleton went 2- 4 in the league and was 4 – 1 in non-league games accumulating a record of 6-5. ​​​​ MHS also had a girls team that year member were: Erma Pulcifur, Crystal Hughes, Elizabeth Fillmore, Marguerite Turner and Bessie Libby. The team had a record of 1 – 5.



In November of 1922 tryouts were held in the Eureka Grange Hall. ​​ This was a completely new team as all of last years players graduated.​​ Mapleton was 3- 4 in non-league games and 2-1 in league games. ​​ Incomplete.





Had team but played only in Winter Carnival Tournament.



Had team but played only in Winter Carnival Tournament.





Had team but played only in Winter Carnival Tournament.



Had team but played only in Winter Carnival Tournament.



No formal team





The boy’s and girls utilized the newly completed Parish Hall for practices and games. ​​ Mr. Carter was the new coach. ​​ The boy’s team was inexperienced but had a rewarding year.





A Mr. Carroll was the new coach at Mapleton, games and practices continued to be at the Parish Hall. ​​ The school did not join the league this year as they could not afford equipment and expenses. ​​ The boy’s had a record of 1-6 playing teams like the PI Future Farmers, MHS faculty, Stockholm, and Ashland. ​​ The girls had a team as well and were coached by Mr. Kolouch.



The gymnasium not being completed until after Christmas practices did not begin until January. ​​ The team was still coached by Mr. Carroll and they recorded a record of 3 – 13​​ and a league record of 3-5. The girls team had ​​ record of 3 – 5.



Mr. Myers was the coach this year and Mapleton was back in the league.  ​​ ​​​​ There league record was​​ 2-8, non league 3-6 good for an overall record​​ 5 - 14. ​​​​ The Mapleton girls had a successful season compiling a 15-5 record ( 8 – 4) non league and 7 – 1 in the league. They tied with Ashland for first place and lost a play-off game held in Presque Isle 16 to 15.



This season the Mapleton boys tied with Ashland for second place in the Central League with a 5 – 3 record. ​​ In non-league games they were ​​ 0 – 10. ​​ The Mapleton girls were coached by Mr. Merrill and had a 6 – 2 record in the Aroostook Central League and were 8 – 3 overall.



Mr. Merrill was the coach of the boys team this season. ​​ They began by losing three consecutive and then ran off 12 consecutive wins. ​​ They were the Aroostook Central League Champions​​ and undefeated (8 – 0) in the League. ​​ They were 7-3 in non-league games and were 15 – 3 overall. ​​ In the County Tournament in Presque Isle they defeated Van Buren 47 – 36 and lost to Washburn 34 – 11.



Coach Merrill had only two letterman returning in Guy Dudley and Dana Coffin. ​​ They were 3 – 5 in the Aroostook Central League and 5 – 7 overall. ​​ Guy Dudley and Dana Coffin led the team offensively​​ scoring 111 and 91 points respectively.



The new coach at Mapleton was Coach Webber, he had three returning letterman and twenty boys trying out for the team. ​​ They accumulated a record of 10 – 10 and were the Aroostook Central League Champions with a record of 6 - 2. ​​ They finished second in the small school tournament held in Presque Isle, they defeated Washburn in their opening game 35 – 31 and lost to A.C.I. 27 – 22 in the championship game.



No info available, no County Tournament held.


Mapleton had a regular season record of 3 – 3. ​​ Defeated Aroostook Central League Champions during the regular season 28-27. ​​ No County Tournament was held



Mapleton got off to a slow start but demonstrated marked improvement as the season progressed. ​​ With two games remaining in the season and in third place they had to win their last two games in order to have a chance to win the league title.​​ They defeated Limestone 28 – 27 and Easton 27 – 22 to force a three way tie for the league title. ​​ Mapleton was asked to play-off with Easton for a chance to be represented in the small school tournament held in Presque Isle, they did so and came away with 28 – 24 win. They later played Limestone for and the league championship winning that game by a score of 27 -26. ​​ In the preliminary game of the tournament Mapleton defeated Madawaska 26 – 20. ​​ They then played Washburn in the championship game where they were defeated 25 – 23. ​​ Team members who contributed significantly to their success were Olin Condon, Omar Young, Ivan Porter, Philip Smith and Elwood Hand. ​​ Condon and Elwood made the All-Tournament Team while Porter was an honorable mention.



This season Mapleton was plagued by injuries and was still able to post a 10 – 10 mark. ​​ They had a chance to play-off to get into the County Tournament but lost a tight game to A.C.I. 41 – 39 in overtime. In that game Ivan Porter led the way with 17 points, Roy Ireland added 15. ​​ For the season Porter scored 251 points, Omar Young 206 and Roy Ireland 153. ​​ Mr. Carter had returned to coach the team this season.



Mapleton was known as the Raiders and were coached by Bob Johnston of Easton. ​​ Mapleton had a very good ball club this season, after the Christmas break they won 9 of 12 games including a win over Caribou 48-18. ​​ They lost only one league game this season and that was to Limestone 45 – 36. They had an even greater loss when one of their starting guards, Dick Baird, had an appendectomy and was unable to play in the Easton game and the County tournament. ​​ On Feb. 14 they defeated Easton 31-21 and were declared League Champs. ​​ In the Small School tournament held in Presque Isle they lost to Limestone in the second round​​ 33-25, in the consolation game they defeated Oakfield 33-27. ​​ Roy Ireland led the team in scoring with 357 points, Dale Carter added 149, Weldon McPherson 147 and Don Lovely 133. ​​ Their regular season record was 12-7 and League record of 7 – 1.